Leveraging More Than 130 CNC Machines

Our expansive, state-of-the-art and temperature-controlled facility features over 130 CNC machines with a wide variety of complex precision machining capabilities.



On our shop floor, we have more than 60 machines dedicated to milling, including 3-, 4- and 5-axis horizontal and vertical machining centers.

We offer multi-axis, precise machining up to 36″ in diameter by 34″ length and can consistently obtain extremely tight tolerances up to 0.0001”.



Our turning capabilities fall into two distinct categories. In addition to twin spindle/triple turret turn millwork, we also offer turning-only capacities up to 24″ in diameter and 36″ in length, including deep hole drilling.

Our turning machines include 8- and 11-axis lathes with live tooling, twin or triple turrets, Swiss Style CNC lathes and long turning automatic screw machines, sub spindles and bar feed capacities up to 2.5″. We also have 5-axis lathes with a bar feed capacity of 3.1″.


July 22-26, Hampshire,
United Kingdom

ACM’s Aerospace Alley® Future Workforce Opportunities Fair & Tradeshow

October 31, 2024
Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, CT